Workshop for Teachers

Keeping teachers updated is imperative to the growth of teachers and Coorg Public School ensures that its teachers are well versed with the changing trends in education and their respective subjects.

In an endeavour to keep the staff updated to the changing trends in education a two day workshop on Enhancement of Active learning skills with the help of various active learning strategies was conducted on 30th November and 1st December, 2019 at COPS.

Resource person Ms. Padma Prabhu, an incentive awardee teacher by HRD Ministry of India and a Chief Coordinator for the National Level Science Exhibitions & Children’s Science Congress Events carried out an exclusive activity based session which enhanced and enriched the creative skills of teachers.

The trainers apprised the staff about the necessity of intermediate check of the course content planning and evaluation. The workshop also provided an insight into equipping teachers with preparing concept, mind map, designing worksheet & knowing learning gaps.

Overall the workshop aimed at providing a holistic approach towards understanding the need of introspecting & reflecting on what exactly is the role and purpose of teachers in the school so as to make the functioning of the school effective.