For Parents

To the Attention of Parents

Parents embody an integral part of the school system as their participation in the school programmes is most essential to make education effective and purposeful.

1. You are requested to carefully go through the conditions and instructions mentioned in the Prospectus, before filling in applications for registration or admission. Registration charges for classes Pre-school is Rs 1000/- , I to IV is Rs.1500/- and for classes V to IX and I PUC is Rs.2500/- You are requested to strictly abide by all the terms and conditions stipulated by the Management.

2. The Management of COPS reserves the right to add, delete or modify any or all conditions mentioned in this prospectus, without any prior notice.

3. The school authorities are free to frame rules and regulations to enforce discipline either of permanent or temporary character to regulate the conduct of the students within the campus or outside This is to maintain the smooth functioning of the school, instill discipline and protect the reputation of the institution.

To maintain discipline on the campus, students and parents are requested to adhere to the following norms and regulations.

1. We don’t appreciate parents sending their relatives to the school to meet their wards.

2. Parents / Guardians can meet their wards only in case of emergency obtaining permission from the Principal. No permission will be given to meet any other child except their wards.

3. No leave or permission will be granted for any occasion such as marriage, festival, house warming etc., during the academic year.

4. Parents are strictly warned against bringing any tuck for their children in the school. Feeding your ward on the campus with food brought from outside is totally prohibited.

5. We don’t permit students to keep eatables / money in the living room / changing room.

6. The school celebrates birthdays of all students. Parents are not permitted to send gift articles for birthdays or for any other occasion. Students are not allowed to give gifts to the teachers.

7. Parents are allowed to visit their ward’s room on the reopening day only.

8. Students have to report back to school on the date and time specified in the school calendar.

9. Students are not allowed to wear any costly jewellery on them or keep any costly articles with them. The school does not take any responsibility in case they lose such items.

10. The school gives good medical attention to all students. In case of minor ailments, parents are not informed. The school reserves the right to take decisions with regard to emergency medical situation. In case of serious illness or complications, parents are informed and they are required to visit the school immediately.

11. Every student has to write a letter on Sundays compulsorily to parents. NRI students can send e mails.

12. Parents are advised not to make telephone calls to their wards. However, in case of emergency they may leave any telephone message for their wards at the school office which will be passed on to them without delay.

13. The school reserves the right to modify any of the rules and regulations and the right to ask parents to withdraw their wards for any act of indiscipline without assigning any reason.

14. Stationery materials are available in the school store. Students may mention the articles needed in the requisition slip and get it duly signed by the parent teachers. However, parents are requested to advise them to buy things only in case of dire necessity to avoid careless handling of things and wastage.

15. Do not send things through Courier Service or Registered Parcel.

16. It is advisable to label all the items brought by the students with their register numbers. It would be better to get them stitched as labels since numbers written with marker pens fade out soon, especially on the clothes.

17. Students are not allowed to bring any objectionable magazines, CDs, pendrives, novels, ipods, mobile phones, tucks, video camera, etc. We appreciate if parents could check their ward’s baggage before dropping them to the school to avoid getting objectionable things to the campus.

18. Parents of Day boarding students should monitor their children regularly so that they don’t carry undesirable things like eatables, money, gifts, objectionable magazines, CDs etc. to the school.

19. Students are expected to take part in all the extra-curricular activities of the school and no one will be exempted.

20. All students should converse only in English in the school premises, in order to acquire greater skill in the use of the language.

21. Students are expected to have regular haircut in the school salon.

22. Lending and borrowing of things from one another is strictly prohibited. Any student found to have taken other student’s belongings will face automatic suspension.

23. Boarders are not allowed to enter into other student’s room at any point of time during their stay in the hostel.

24. Boarders are not allowed to bring electrical or electronic gadgets.

25. Participation in morning jogging, exercise, swimming, games and sports is compulsory except on medical grounds or doctor’s advice.

26. Students are not permitted to bring and use medicines on their own. They are warned against self-medication. In case of illness they can approach the resident nurse, matron or resident teachers available round the clock.

27. A duplicate key of the lock brought by the student should be deposited with the parent teacher. In case students lose the keys, they should immediately report to the parent teacher / warden.

28. Students should keep their beds, wardrobes, bathrooms & toilets, spick and span.

29. Students are not allowed to waste electricity, food or water. They are advised to turn off the taps and switch off the lights, when not required.

30. Students are allowed to use coloured clothes on birthday, festivals and outings. However, they are advised to dress themselves decently.

31. Normally there is supervised prep in the evening. However, during assessment time, prep time will be extended. Instead of morning exercise, they will have prep. Senior students are allowed to study after 9.30 p.m. if they desire.

32. Students should adhere to the mess timings and table manners strictly. They are not permitted to carry foodstuff out of the dining hall.

33. Students are not permitted to enter the kitchen or storeroom, for any reason.

Daily Routine

Start Time End Time Activities
05.30 a.m. Wake up call
05.50 a.m. 06.00 a.m. Coffee / Milk
 06.00 a.m.  06.10 a.m.  Assembly & Roll Call
 06.10 a.m.  07.00 a.m.  Morning Exercise / Jogging / Prep I
 07.00 a.m  07.40 a.m.  Wash & Change
 07.40 a.m.  08.10 a.m.  Breakfast
 08.15 a.m.  –  Students to leave for classes
 08.20 a.m.  09.05 a.m.  I Period for I PUC & II PUC
 09.05 a.m.  09.25 a.m.  Morning Assembly
 09.30 a.m.  10.10 a.m.  II Period
 10.10 a.m.  10.45 a.m.  III Period
 10.45 a.m.  11.00 a.m.  Milk Break
 11.00 a.m.  11.40 a.m.  IV Period
 11.40 a.m.  12.20 p.m.  V Period
 12.20 p.m.  1.00 p.m.  VI Period
 01.00 p.m.  1.30 p.m.  Lunch break
 01.35 p.m.  2.10 p.m.  VII Period
 02.10 p.m.  2.50 p.m.  VIII Period
 02.50 p.m.  3.30 p.m.  IX Period
 03.30 p.m.  3.40 p.m.  Tea for Day Boarders
 03.30 p.m.  3.40 p.m.  Boarders change into sports dress
 03.40 p.m.  5.15 p.m.  Sports Assembly & Games
 05.15 p.m.  5.30 p.m.  Tea break for Boarders
 05.30 p.m.  6.10 p.m.  Wash & Change
 06.10 p.m.  6.20 p.m.  Prayer Assembly and Meditation
 06.20 p.m.  8.20 p.m.  Prep II
 08.20 p.m.  9.00 p.m.  Supper
 09.00 p.m.  9.30 p.m.  TV News
 10.00 p.m.  –  Lights Off