Members of the Trust

Kodagu Academy for Education and Culture

Mr. M.M. Thimmaiah
Mr. M.N. Belliappa
Vice President
Mr. K.A. Poonacha
Mrs. Prabha Subbaiah
Prof. M. D. Nanjunda
Joint Secretary
Mrs. Vijayalakshmi S
In-Charge Principal

Profile of the Principal

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi S, is a dynamic Administrator and Educationist, with over 33 years of expertise in the field of education. She has a track record of successfully leading and motivating teams to achieve objectives and exceed expectations. She firmly believes in creating values for the society. She enjoys being with children and learning from their experiences.

She started her career as a school teacher in English, headed the English Department and worked as an Academic Coordinator for the ICSE Section at Sharadha Residential School Udupi. In Coorg Public School, she has worked in the capacity of an Academic Coordinator and Vice Principal.

Mrs. Vijayalakshmi S also specializes in teaching subjects such as the English Language and Literature for the ICSE section and Pre- University College. She has also been the Examiner for the ICSE English Paper I(Language) and English for the Pre-University Board Examination for more than 20 years. Along with that, she has strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a focus on continuous improvement. She is an eloquent speaker as well.


Senior Leadership Team

Title Name Email Address Contact Number
President Mr. M.M. Thimmaiah


Vice President Mr. M.N.Belliappa mnbelliappa@yahoo.com 6362925101
Secretary Mr. K.A. Poonacha silverskygkoppa@gmail.com 6362925101
Treasurer Mr. K.A. Subbaiah kasubbaiah09@gmail.com 6362925101
Joint Secretary Prof. M. D. Nanjunda nanjundacoorg@yahoo.com 6362925101
In-Charge Principal Mrs.Vijayalakshmi S copsgonikoppal@gmail.com 6362925101

COPS Staff

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