From the Principal’s Desk

Message from the Navigator

When educating the minds of the youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts. – Dalai Lama.
Welcome to Coorg Public School, a school that abides by the aforementioned quote. Nestled between evergreen forests, valleys and hills, our school stands tall amidst the close- knit Kodava Community who are known for their bravery and heroism. At Coorg Public School, we mould warriors who are ready to take flight into the world outside with their heads held high. Our dedicated, industrious and conscientious staff has always focused on making well rounded personalities from the students entrusted to them.
Backed by an efficient and passionate team of experts in fields aplenty, we face hurdles together and rise above all in imparting more than just textual knowledge. We intend to make a change by being the change we wish to see in the young minds of today.
Equipped with the latest technology and packed with various recreational centres, our budding youngsters are always on their toes.
Our website serves to assist you to become acquainted with our school and its many activities. Please use the site to explore as much as your mind wanders. Along the way, if a doubt or a question pops up feel free to contact us. Your active participation is highly appreciated. I look forward to engaging with creative minds like you and your little one, because together we can make a difference. COPS awaits you!