Message from the Top Management

Message from the Top Management

As Coorg Public School moves ahead in the 23rd year of its memorable journey, it is worthwhile to recapture the spirit and ethos of the institution that has made it a unique and great place to study. Our main focus naturally is on academic excellence. This is achieved with a rich, well rounded curriculum backed by advanced teaching methods and use of state-of-the-art facilities. The system is in the hands of a group of highly motivated and dedicated teachers who are able to give their best because of compact class size and low pupil-teacher ratio. The Head of the Institution, a mature, result oriented leader, is fully empowered to plan and manage all aspects of running the institution. The Management lays down long term goals and policies while providing all financial and infrastructural support.

There are many features that make COPS a unique place of learning. We have located the school in the midst of the abundant greenery of Western Ghats to promote a sense of closeness to nature. Ecological awareness and responsibility become part of every student’s mind-set. We shall continue to emphasise sports and outdoor activities to balance rigorous class room teaching. A great school should not only prepare students to succeed in exams but equip them with life skills. I am happy to note that ample time is spent on developing communication skills, attitude and leadership training, while group activities, hobbies and team building are encouraged in a planned manner.

What adds spice to a student’s life in COPS is the celebration of the rich cultural diversity and traditions of our vast land. It is fascinating to see the impressive accomplishments of our students in music, dance, drama and art expressed through the festivals and culture of different regions of India. While being anchored to the cultural roots of our ancient civilisation, students are also made aware of society and life in other countries through imaginative projects and student exchange programmes.

Schooling children of twenty first century poses serious challenges to both educators and parents. Schools are neither sanitised enclaves nor is the mind of the child a clean slate, as was common in the past. Teachers have to struggle to retain pupils’ attention towards studies against the powerful distractions of social media, pop music, gaming and 24 hour TV. In the deluge of data available on the internet, teachers will have to guide children to identify true and valuable facts. The leisurely pace of scholarship will have to make way for selective reading and time management.

Lastly in an age that glorifies success by whatever means, it is still necessary to inculcate higher values and ideals in young minds. The challenge here is to do so without recourse to the divisive dogmas of organised religions. It is necessary to educate the youth about universal human values and responsible citizenship so that they will be able to address the great issues of our society such as ecological collapse, social conflicts, inequality and bad governance. I am glad that at COPS serious attention is paid to the ethical aspects of education instead of measuring outcomes in mere quantitative terms. We shall persevere with our holistic approach to education that makes studying in COPS a unique and lasting experience for every child.