Kodagu is nestled in the evergreen forest belt of Western Ghats, with its lovely valleys, rolling hills filled with rich flora and fauna. Kodavas are a distinctive race of India without any exception. The Kodavas are a patrilineal ethno-lingual group from the region of Kodagu in Karnataka State of Southern India, who traditionally are land-owning agriculturists with martial traditions. Their native language is Kodava.

Throughout their history, the Kodavas have been a close-knit community of people preserving their identity, customs and traditions. Bravery and heroism are the prized qualities in them. They are the only race in India that has been permitted to acquire guns without licence. They worship the Holy River Cauvery and their ancestors.

The Kodavas have contributed immensely towards the growth of the nation, despite being in small numbers. Their most significant contributions are in the armed forces and in sports. The land of Kodavas is famous for being a cradle of Indian Hockey. Every year more than 255 families participate in the family Hockey Festival, which is considered as one of the largest family oriented tournaments in the world. Here one gets to see and understand the different exhibits of cuisine, collection of art, culture and so on.

To protect, preserve and encourage this distinct Kodava culture and tradition, COPS takes pride in offering Kodava language as the III Language from Std I – VIII.

We abide by the school motto ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’ in varied aspects of life. When we are blessed to live in this land of Kodagu, it is our utmost priority to sustain its unique culture. School takes pride in encouraging its students by organizing varied programmes and activities, which include,

      • Cultural exchange programmes to countries like U.K, U.S.A, South Korea, Japan, etc.
      • Inter school Kodava cultural competitions every year.
      • Quiz on various aspects of Kodagu and Kodavas, on regular basis.
      • Honouring prominent Kodavas for their remarkable contribution and achievements.
      • Activities coordinating with Karnataka Kodava Academy to preserve and promote the Kodava culture and tradition.
      • The Kodava Samaj is an organization created for the traditional and cultural conservation, social well-being and welfare of the Kodava Community. We coordinate with the Federation of Kodava Samajas to organize various activities that promote Kodava language, culture, tradition, folk art, dance and song.
      • Visiting museums, ancestral homes of Kodavas and palaces of historical relevance.
      • To create an awareness and to give first hand information to the young minds,school has initiated a repository.